Participants to WBC2014

Message from FACEBOOK:
Hi all hope everyone is safe and happy during this festive season. I’m putting a call out, please pass this info on to people who may not see this if anyone out there is looking for a team let us know. I’m getting a list together to pass onto some other throwers waiting on this information, I have a few names but if there are more we would like to hear from you to get you in touch with either teams needing throwers or other individuals to make another international team. Peace, love and all that other mushy stuff.


The organizers of the WBC2014Perth, Christene and Leonie Metzakis, ask those who want to participate to register themselves before the end of December. The organizers must know by this date the exact number of participants and visitors to be able to manage the booking of accomodation.

Please let’s help them in their job, so that our WBC goes smoothly.

EBC2015 in Mallorca

During the last EBC2013 in Copenhagen, august 3th 2013, a meeting was held to receive the proposal to host the next EBC2015 in Palma de Mallorca.
The proposal was presented by Tony Enev and was unanimous accepted. The following people attended at the meeting: Ola Walberg(SE), Manuel Schuetz(CH), Sean Slade(UK), Kari Koronen(SF), Lars Overzee(NL), Jan Müller-Alstrup(DK), Michel Appriou(FR), Maurizio Saba(IT), Tony Enev(ES), Matthias Giesenschlag(DE), Steve Kavanaugh(US). As soon as possible the date will be fixed.


The new web site is on line and running, contains info on the fields, hotel, participants and the online registration form. click here.
Aside, on the same days will be a fun event BoomSansFrontieres click here.

Aurelio Merlo

La comunità del boomerang sportivo esprime il proprio dolore per scomparsa di Aurelio Merlo.
Un cortese e distinto signore, un appassionato sportivo che mise a disposizione in modo del tutto disinteressato i suoi terreni per realizzarvi l’EBC del 2003 e il WBC del 2010.
Il nostro sport era lontano dalla sua formazione culturale e professionale tuttavia ha saputo comprenderne ed apprezzarne i valori e, in particolare, le possibilità che esso offre per un uso razionale e rispettoso dell’ambiente.
La comunità del boomerang lo ricorderà con affetto e gratitudine.

The boomerang sport community expresses its sorrow for the death of Aurelio Merlo.
A courteous and distinguished gentleman, he was a keen sportsman, and generously and disinterestedly made his lands available for holding the EBC in 2003 and the WBC in 2010. Despite the fact that our sport was distant from his cultural and professional training, he was able to understand and appreciate its values and, in particular, the possibilities it offers for a rational and friendly use of the environment.
The boomerang community will remember him with affection and gratitude.

International Boomerang Team Cup Brasil 2012

for those who did not follow the event on facebook, the results are published here.

The Toby Oats Cup was assigned to the first classified National Team Re Motions, a special prize was given to the winners of tournament: the international team   BoomerGang.

In the Individual Championship the prize was assigned after only five event contested (Trick-Catch event was cancelled).

The events of Gel day and Long Distance event where contested too.

Thanks to Jason Smooker for this video: RE Motion vs Boomergang