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The throwers from the country without a national association or with a national association who not adheres to the IFBA are welcome in the page of IFBA friends.


En Argentina se comenzó a producir boomerangs, de manera espontánea, a mediados de los 80. Hay varios constructores que venden sus boomerang:
Argentina begun to make boomerangs spontaneously in the medle of 80’s. There are some shapers that sales his production:
Nacho (S. Martín de los Andes city)
Alberto Sabal (Mar del Plata City)
Miguel Tissieres (Córdoba City)
Cachy Verón (Entre Ríos City)
Edgardo Confessore (Buenos Aires City)
Sebastián García Rosario City)
Quién organiza Campeonatos es Miguel Tissieres
Who organize tournaments is Miguel Tissieres
En Buenos Aires se organizan encuentros mensuales de nivel recreativo y para difusión del deporte, en algún parque público. Los Lanzadores conocidos, además de los fabricantes mencionados, son:
In Buenos Aires there are monthly recreational and sport diffusion meetings on a public park.
The known throwers, in addition to the shapers are:
(Buenos Aires): GermánCorsetti, Angel Rodriguez, Walter Pagliardini, Gabriel Bengochea, Gustavo Rasato*, Carlos Saiz, Enrique Bugatti*, Damian Lella, Pablo Macchiavelo, Luis Mejía, Dante Marello*
(Balcarce): Emiliano Barboni
(Ciudad de Mar del Plara): Darío Díaz*
(Ciudad de La Plata): Ernesto Calderón*
(Rosario, Provincia de Santa Fé): Nicolás Milatich*, Pablo Segovia, Sebastián Garcçia*
(Provincia de Córdoba): Miguel Beltrán, Gabriel Gutierrez*, Ricardo Velazquez*
* Tambien hacen boomerangs para uso personal
* Also makes his own Boomerangs
Todos estamos conectados a través de los siguientes foros:
We are all connected through the following forums:

Vaivoo             www.ar.groups.yahoo.com/group/vaivoo
Bumerangs-Vaivoo  www.facebook.com/groups/27407454146/

Edgardo Confessore


Български Бумеранг Клуб (ББК) е основан през декември 1991 г. в София. Той е първият клуб за бумеранг-спорт, организиран в държава от бившия „социалистически лагер”. Само 9 месеца след основаването на ББК, български отбор от 4-ма негови членове участва на 4-ото Световното първенство по бумеранг-спорт в Хамбург, Германия (1992).
Традиционно място за срещи, тренировки и състезания на членовете и приятелите на ББК е Английската поляна в Южния парк на София. Първото състезание там се проведе през юни 1995 г., а през есента на 1995, 1996 и 1997 г. се състояха и 3 български национални турнира.
През 20-годишната история на ББК негови членове участваха в повече от 30 международни бумеранг-състезания в Европа: 4 Световни първенства (1992-2010), 6 Европейски първенства (1995-2011), 7 Открити първенства на Германия (1993-2005) и 14 други турнира в Германия, Холандия, на остров Майорка и Италия (1995-2011).

Bulgarian Boomerang Club (bg-boom-club) was founded in December 1991 in Sofia, Bulgaria. As such it was the first boomerang club to be organized east of the ex Iron Curtain. The idea belongs to Georgi Dimantchev (*1957, aviation engineer), who started to make and throw boomerangs in 1970 as 13-years old boy using drawings and instructions from Bulgarian and Russian aero-modeler magazines.
Only 9 months after the club was founded, a 4-men Bulgarian team “Astra” participated in the 4th World Championship in Hamburg, Germany (1992). This was the first and so far the only Eastern European team to have ever participated in a Boomerang World Championship.
Traditional place for meetings, training and competitions for the members and friends of bg-boom-club is Sofia’s South Park. The first competition there took place in June 1995, and was followed by three Bulgarian National Boomerang Tournaments in autumn 1995, 1996 and 1997.
The main efforts of bg-boom-club for the last 6 years have been directed towards supporting the Boomerang Club “Virazon”, founded on Mallorca in 2006 by Bulgarian Todor ‘Tony’ Enev (*1972). The bg-boom-club consulted Virazon from the very beginning in everything concerning the boomerang sport.
During the 20-year-long history of bg-boom-club, its members participated in more than 30 international boomerang competitions in Europe: 4 World Championships (1992, 2002, 2004 and 2010), 6 European Championships (1995, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011), 7 German National Championships (1993, 1994, 1995, 1998, 2000 and 2005), 5 tournaments in Germany (Kiel 1996, Travemuende 1996 and 2001, Bielefeld 1995 and 2000), 2 Whitsun Pfingsten Tournaments (the Netherlands, 1996 and 1999), 6 Mallorca Round Tournaments (2006-2011) and the Beach Tournament Viareggio 2008 (Italy).
What’s up with bg-boom-club today? All of its children are scattered in Bulgaria and worldwide. They are most likely busy with the problems of the modern life-style. But they keep the memories of the pioneer passion of the 90s and the revolutionary enthusiasm of the first decade of the 21st century. And the spirit of the friendly club meetings will be alive in their hearts forever.

Georgi Dimantchev (Sofia, Bulgaria) bg_boom_club@hotmail.com
Emil Dimantchev (Oslo, Norway) emil.dimatchev@gmail.com


The Hungarian Boomerang association is just about to form, although there is not much boomerang activity in Hungary currently. Nowadays only a few enthusiastic individuals come together on a regular basis to throw a few rounds and exchange ideas and experiences. We expect that in 2005 the slow spread of indoor boomerangs may bring change into the Hungarian boomerang life. Hungary participated in the European Boomerang Championship in 1999 in Payern, Switzerland.

A Magyar Bumeráng Szövetség alakulófélben van, bár a magyarországi bumeráng-élet egyelőre nem túlságosan aktív. Van egy maroknyi csapat, és néhány magányos farkas, akik néha összejönnek dobálózni, tapasztalatot cserélni. Talán 2005-ben változást hoz a beltéri bumerángok lassú terjedése. Magyarország 1999 Szeptemberében kéviseltette magát az Európai Bumeráng Bajnokságon a Svájci Payernben.

Peter Tarjanyi  diversart@boomerangs.hu


שלום לכל מי שיכול לקרוא את הדברים האלה:

אני מיכאל אלזנר, אלוף ישראל בבומרנג, וזה שלוש שנים שאני זורק בומרנג. ביולי 2004 השתתפתי באליפות העולם בבומרנג שנערכה בשארלוויל מזייר שבצרפת, והגעתי למקום המכובד – 28 בעולם.

בישראל, אני מעיף את הבומרנג בדרך כלל בים ולפעמים בפארק, להנאתי ולהנאת הצופים בי.

יש לי המון סוגי בומרנג, ועם כל בומרנג אני יכול לבצע מספר רב של מסלולים באוויר.

כמו שאתם מתארים לעצמכם, זהו כיף אדיר!

אם תראו אותי בחופי תל אביב או בספורטק, אשמח אם תיגשו אלי ואז אסביר לכם עוד על הבומרנג ותכונותיו.

שלום ולהתראות,

מיכאל אלזנר

My big love to boomerang start three years ago, when a friend brought me a boomerang and told me: Michael – I know you like to throw things in the air, may be you will have intersest to throw boomerang.
Since 1965 when i was 11 years old I throw frisbee, so I imidiatly started to throw the boomerang,
I did not have any one to teach me, so in the begining i had to run a lot to bring it back because it did not come back to me. After 20 minuts of trying it started to come back, and from that day all my time is with the boomerang
In my city my friends call me Mr Boomerang. In Israel we have nice weather so it is ideal place to throw boomerang. I usaly throw at the beach, sometimes at the park.
In July I was in the BWC in France and I met all the nice family of boomerangers.
I am proud to be a member of this family.
Michael Elsner  mikiboom@012.net.il


Only one consistent known boomeranger here, it’s me. Actually I am more boomerang maker neither thrower. Making several hundreds mostly for local market and few booms for Ted’s internet Boomerang Auctions twice a year.
Right now I am collecting together all my experience under title ‘BOOMERANG by own hands’. It will be printed brochure or/and addition to my home page in Latvian language www.boomerang.times.lv

Ja tevi ir interese par bumerangiem, raksti: ABrengulis@inbox.lv, varbuut kaadreiz pameetaasim kopaa… Ciao, Aivars.


I introduced the boomerang with the co-operation of IFBA. We played this game firstly in the year 2004. The IFBA supplied us some boomerang equipments. We are very grateful to them. All the people of every age has liked this game, especially the children are very much interested. It is a great pleasure for us. It is our suggestion to introduce this game in every city of Pakistan and also to hold a big championship for the same.
IFBA get the membership work according to its standard and develope this game in Pakistan.

Main nay booemerang ko IFBA kay tawan say PAKISTAN main introduced karwaya hai. hum nay yeh game sab say pehlay 2005 main khaly thi or IFBA nay muhiyia ki thi. hum es kay mashkoor hain tumum umar kay log es game ko pasand kartay hain. specially bachay es game main bari dilchaspi laytay hain. humary liya yeh bari khushi ki bat hai. hamari yeh koshish rayee hai kay es game ko PAKISTAN kay tumam city main mutarif karwai jayee or es game ki ek bari championship munaqad karwaye jayee. IFBA nay es game kay mutabiq mill kar kam kia hai or PAKISTN main es ko ujagar karwaya hai.
Abdul Razzaq  razzaq_abd@hotmail.com


Peru is a wonderful country to throw boomerangs. There are more than 2000 kilometres of coast with thousands of beaches and desserts with lots of space. The climate is mild year round, not very windy and it hardly rains (on the coast). For the more adventurous there is the sierra (spectacular mountains) and the rainforest.

I have been throwing and building boomerangs for more than 30 years, but have not been able to get anybody seriously interested nor met anybody else throwing ever.
Maybe I am not a good promoter of boomerangs, yet I have given away many good boomerangs – including some Boomerang Fevers – and showed how to throw to friends and children trying to get them interested but apparently with no good results.

Ricardo Figari  ricfig2@terra.com.pe


At the moment we don’t have any formal boomerang organization in Slovenia, however there is some activity, mostly by individuals.
Slovenia made first formal appearance on the international boomerang scene in September 1999, when Zoran Jarnovic participated as a competitor at European Championship in Payerne, Switzerland. Two years after that Zdravko Slabnik represented Slovenia in France…
There is also some boomerang activity apart from competitions. We had some visitors of boomerang experts and enthusiasts from abroad and we traveled, also across the ocean, to meet some great names of boomerangs.
We give demonstrations of history, throwing and making boomerangs that are appropriate for various groups (student organization, scouts, school pupils etc.), as well for any individual interested.
There are few of us that make and throw boomerangs on individual basis at different regions in Slovenia, so in case you’re interested to learn something that is sport, craftsmanship and science at the same time, you are welcome to contact us!
We will be glad to introduce you in wonderful world of boomerangs!

V Sloveniji žal še nimamo bumerang zveze ali društva. Kljub temu pa nas je nekaj, ki z veseljem mečemo in izdelujemo bumerange. V Velenju je Silvo, v okolici Postojne Zdravko in njegovi prijatelji, v Ljubljani pa Emiljan (sicer iz Kopra) in Zoran (sicer iz Šoštanja). Prav tako je verjetno še vedno aktivnih nekaj študentov iz Škofje Loke, pa dijakov iz srednje lesarske šole v Ljubljani, učencev iz različnih šol itd., za katere smo izvedli predstavitve in tečaje metanja in izdelave bumerangov.

Na mednarodni bumerang sceni smo se Slovenci prvič pojavili leta 1999, ko se je Zoran udeležil evropskega prvenstva v Švici, 2 leti kasneje pa je v Franciji tekmoval tudi Zdravko.

V preteklosti smo bili počaščeni in veseli obiskov nekaterih prijateljev iz tujine, pa tudi mi smo v tujini obiskali velika imena iz sveta bumerangov.

Kogar koli zanima čudoviti svet bumerangov, kjer se prepletajo šport, ročne spretnosti za izdelavo in okraševanje, znanost je iskreno dobrodošel!

Zoran Jarnovič /Slovenija Zoran.Jarnovic@fsp.uni-lj.si


At the moment we have a club event once a month but the weather has not been good at any of the events, but the turnout was not too bad considering that we have just started up. We have a web site http://www.geocities.com/boksburgbc/, which is also in the early stages of being set up. On the web site there is information on an international MTA postal competition and anyone is welcome to entre. I am trying to get a few children involved with throwing and hope that this will cause the sport to grow.

Alan Smith rangs4africa@mweb.co.za


In Turkey boomeranging is not a well-known sport… 50 per cent of Turkish people maybe still don’t know anything about boomerangs, I remember that when I was explaining boomerangs to my class mates in a lesson about 3 years ago, most of them didn’t have any idea of boomerangs, never heard of it. Also some of them asked me “Is Boomeranging really some kind of sport?” They couldn’t believe… But this doesn’t mean that nobody knows the booms here in Turkey…
I knew boomerangs when I was a child, first had read about them on an encyclopedia when I was 10… And then wanted to own one, searched everywhere but couldn’t find anywhere to buy, Then after 4 or 5 years later when I was 15, I started to search boomerangs on the net. And found a German boomerang thrower’s site who’s name is “Gerhard Bertling”, About 5 years ago I bought my first boomerang from him, since then I improved myself and started to make my own boomerangs, now I’m a 20 year-old student and still trying to make this sport well-known in my country… In the future my plan is to open a boomerang association in Turkey, but until that time, me and my friends just meet outside and together practice our boomerangs…

Not: İleride kuracağımız Türkiye Bumerang Derneğine katılmak isteyen bu spora özveri gösterebilecek arkadaşlar (Sitemizdeki mesaj odasına yazarak ya da  mail atarak…) benimle irtibat kurabilirisiniz!

Musa Atlýhan bumerangbirligi@yahoo.com

URL : www.bumeranglar.com