IFBA history

Ever since 1991 some throwers of certain countries wanted to found a boomerang world union. First under the lead of Roger Perry/AUS (since 1991), then under Ted Bailey/U.S.A. (1996), after that under Heikki Niskanen/FIN (1999) and, since the European Championships in Rome 2003, the time under the lead of Maurizio Saba.

With the first modems, the exchange of ideas began to be faster than under Roger, which back then was bound to the post office way completely. But all the time it was difficult to find more than three or four interested persons. In 1996 Ted Bailey, Yoshinobu Sakimitsu and Guenter Moeller worked on the fundamental ideas for a boomerang world union and its statutes. The best of these ideas were received – starting from 1999 – into a more out-formulated text, which was checked – among other things by – Betsylew Miale Gix, a lawyer. Now, since summer 2003, Maurizio and a small group of interested who were asked to join by Jens Krabbe, continued working on this text, which was worked out manly in December 2003/Januar 2004 by Maurizio and Guenter and completed as “statute of the IFBA”.

Among others – this group consisted of:
Andrew A. Cross, Didier Bonin, Erik Leferink, Francois Besoli, Georgi Dimanchev, Guenter Moeller, Heikki Niskanen, Ignacio Arregui, Jens Krabbe, Maurizio Saba, Ola Wahlberg, Pierre Kutek, Roger Perry, Ruedi Salzmann, Sean Slade, Steve Kavanaugh, Thiago Andre, Tim Lendrum, Zoran Jarnovic.

The first General Meeting of IFBA was held in Charleville-Mézières the 15/07/2004 during the World Cup.