the word of IFBA President

Dear fellow boomerang lovers,

It has been almost a year that I was elected the new IFBA President in Perth / Australia. I was honored to be the successor of Maurizio Saba – a perfect gentleman of the Sport.

Ever since that day, the new Board of Directors and I have been in contact with the IFBA member nations as well as potential future members. We are working on spreading basic information about boomerangs to new, interested parties as well as we are working on synchronizing and improving our event rules and the way our associations are run.

For those of you, you don’t know me:

– Born on 8th of August 1970
– In December 1983 I discovered a little boomerang printed in a magazine and tried to make it into an indoor boomerang
– On April Fools’ Day of 1984 I watched a TV show about strange things that featured boomerangs as well as the book by Günther Veit
– Of course, I bought that book, tried to make almost all shaoes in that book and wrote (many!) letters to Günther Veit.
– I became a member of the DBC in Autumn of 1984.
– My first tournament was the German Nationals in 1985, my first World Cup was in 1988 and some might know what came after that…
– In 2016, I will be helping Vincent Faika with the World Cup in Cologne / Germany and hope to see many of you there.

As the President of the IFBA I would like to continue the work I started as the DBC:
I would love to help new throwers to meet experienced throwers.
It would be wonderful if we manage to reach a bigger public and make people aware of our enjoyable past-time.
And it would be great to see the international boomerang family to grow.

I have been asked many times why the boomerang sport is so fascinating.

In my opinion, boomerangs are the perfect hobby – you can be creative, sportive, travel and make friends.

In this sport you are encouraged to develop, design, make and decorate your own boomerangs. You are also able to work on their competitive potential.

The boomerang sport is competitive but still open to new ideas. We are all able and eligible to create new events rules, run our own style of tournament and even do the judging.

A definitive must for all boomerangers is take part in competition to meet fellow enthusiasts. To travel to other countries makes this experience even better, because it underlines the openness and comradery of our sport.

I am blessed that I have met so many wonderful people ever since I started boomerangs in 1983. We throw boomerangs casually and competitively without being limited by social status, age, gender or nationality. You just cannot believe how fantastic a whole week or two of World Cup throwing is.

As you can see, boomerangs have become a part of my life. Especially making boomerangs is really important for me. My tip for all you beginners out there:

“Make every boomerang that appears interesting or promising and throw everything that you can lay your fingers on. Experiments are vital! Build variations! This will build up experience and form an own opinion on the suitability of the different boomerangs…”

To exchange this knowledge it really helps to meet people. Don’t shy away from the term “tournament” – basically these events are great get-togethers and offer a wonderful opportunity to learn.

There are so many great tournaments out there – please go and visit them. Be part of the sport!

I look forward to meeting new throwers, educating the public and helping the international boomerang family to grow.

See you out there on the field!

Günter Möller
President of the International Federation of Boomerang Associations