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IFBA wishes a happy new year to all throwers of the world .

Here is a decision made in Jan 2024, it concerns the rules fro WBC 2024 :

The rules committee has made some decisions for the wbc2024.
1. Simplify MTA Relay.
Goal: Simplify judging and timing.
Principle: 50sec caps are not executed during the event, but the 4 split times are capped to 50s after the round instead.
Stopwatch starts at first throw. Laps on the throws of 2nd, 3rd, 4th throw and the catch of the 4th throw.
It’s the team’s responsibility to inform the team mates about a >50s flight.
The subsequent throw can happen at any time before the catch of the previous boomerang.
Needs less judges but a small extra of data processing right after the round (adding four numbers with two digits between 0 and 50)
Example 1:
Timer 1 20 32 52 20
Timer 2 20.1 31.9 52.1 20.1
Timer 3 19.9 32.1 51.9 20.2
closest splits:
20+32+52+20.1. Split 3 capped: 20+32+50+20.1=122.1s
If a simpler way of “dataprocessing” is found, the rules committee will inform immediately.
2. Reduce “mess” at 30m Relay
Goal: Throwers get a clear language-independent feedback about the range of their boomerangs during the round.
Two distinguishable sounds (a pipe and a horn) may be used on each circle to announce a short range with two hoots. No sound before the catch: Range is good.
“…may be used” is written because that has to be tested before the competition!
3. Introduce the relative system for team events
Background: There have been discussions about the presence of veteran or international teams. Due to the decreasing number of national teams we see more of the mentioned teams. In the position-based scoring system, these teams however can change the outcome of the team world championship by placing between national teams!
Advantage: With the introduction of a score based system this would be no longer the case. Any team can then compete without the need of creating seperate “official” and “unofficial” rankings.
This fits the “sports for all” philosophy of our sport.
Yes, it would be new and needs some studying. However, the system is quite established in individual competition and the scoring principle is the same for teams: Each 10% difference is worth 20 points (say 55c vs 50c in Supercatch), each 21% difference (1.1*1.1=1.21) is worth 40 points (Say 60c vs 50c…) etc. Obviously, point tables will be published ASAP and added to the 2024 rulebook.
A public calculator can be found here already:
The rules committee supports the organizers regarding the scoring system for the team cup according to their need.
4. Define all events contested at a team cup as “team events”.
No score during the team cup achieved can be registered as an individual world record.
-Clear separation between “team” and “individual” world cup.
5. No continuation after perfect rounds in any event (really everything, including AR and ACC) during the team cup.
-More “team spirit”. No possibility that one thrower does 400p, the other ones zero but the team still wins the event.
-Saves time.
Here is the link to the Points Calculator :

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